WordPress website development

Thinking about creating your new eshop or e-commerce portal on WordPress platform? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have experienced internal team of certified WordPress developers with tons of experience from client’s projects. So far we launched or managed more than 100+ projects using WordPress core engine. And we are looking for another happy clients, who need a truly WordPress professionals.

Let us take care of your e-commerce WordPress site or build the whole new one. We will become your technology and development partner for design, further developments, upgrades, security, backups & troubleshooting.


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    Digital OnlineAndWeb is a stable website service provider that designs and manages a business’s modern websites and powerful online voice. Faster. For less.

    We’re on a mission to help businesses go digital. Our passion for bringing amazing brands and give life to unique online projects and our commitment to eliminating the hurdles that stand between a good idea and success, have led us to an innovative, industry-disruptive solution: WaaS. Website as a Service, which include UX, copy, web design services, development, secured web hosting, web analytics and necessary online marketing support to make sure our clients succeed in the online business.

    But we can also just develop the site, if you send us the design in any supported format.

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    We are building WordPress solutions since 2010. Our digital agency mostly use WordPress for small and medium-sized client’s projects. Up today’s date we built around 100+ projects using WordPress core engine. Wo we don’t hesitate to say, we are really WordPress specialists and we know a lot of about this platform.

    We also use WordPress for our own internal projects. So everything what really works and what we recommend or use for clients, was simply verified at our costs on our own live projects, where we could learn all WordPress limitations and benefits.

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    We had plenty time to develop our own modifications and upgrades to make the WordPress core engine more faster, stable and well-secured than any other regular basic WordPress installation.

    Our team of developers constantly performs system checks and site upgrades to ensure our WordPress sites are still one step ahead before the competition.

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    We do everything to make your website faster from minifying code to optimising your images, optimizing JS, PHP and MySQL functions and everything in between.

    All our sites are fully responsive and are built to work smoothly on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so your content will look great, and your brand will be represented consistently across devices.

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    Give your website an extra boost with any of the integrations of services like WooCommerce, Shopify, PayPal, MailChimp, Google Maps, SoundClound, Meetup, Booking, Tripadvisor, WuFoo, Visual Website Optimiser (VWO), Google Tag Manager, Universal Analytics and many other third party enhancements for your webpage.

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    We work closely with our customers to determine their needs, scope and objectives to plan and design a perfect “tailor made” solution for projects. No matter what size your budget is, we will be able find solution and possible options. Our long term partnership with other web developers teams also allows us to bring in more additional resource if the client need them very urgently. Together with our competitive prices for custom development services we can easily serve smaller local clients and also big global companies.

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    We’re happy to develop sites pixel perfect, although most other digital and web agencies find it more valuable to go with our default “near-pixel perfect” option.


  • WordPress PSD to HTML
    We develop a WordPress site from your design files, using whatever format you prefer (PSD, Sketch, Webflow, Illustrator).
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Customization
    Occasionally we do get requests to modify existing WordPress themes, but many times a custom build is preferable. We also modify any plugin or create new custom plugins just for your business.
  • WordPress Responsive Design
    If you already have website built on WordPress platform which is optimized just for desktop, we can easily make it responsive, optimize it for mobiles and tablets and make it simply – just mobile friendly.
  • WordPress Premium and Custom Theme Development
     If you have premium themes that you like to work with, we can build your sites on those instead of doing a custom build.
  • WordPress Web Development
    If you already have design ready and you are just looking for developers, we are ready to be hired.
  • Complete Design & WordPress Website Development
    We can do both design and development to create a finished website ready to be launched.
  • WordPress Security & WordPress Core Update
    We secure every website we build by providing the most current version of WordPress, thoroughly tested plugins, and The Login Lockdown plugin. We’ll take care of your theme, plugin, and WordPress updates so you don’t have to. Never worry about outdated code putting your site at risk again! We also use our own techniques for increase the WordPress website security which virtually preventing your site from being hacked.
  • WordPress E-commerce Development
    Our team can handle product setup, payment gateways, shipping standards and other customizations upon request.
  • WordPress Multisite and Multi-language Development
    We can support multilingual websites by installing and setting up the WordPress Multilingual Plugin.
  • WordPress Speed Optimization
    We can help make your sites load faster by optimizing images and minifying CSS and Javascript files for you not just for the desktop version, but also for mobile.
  • WordPress Migration / Converting to WordPress
    If you or your client already has a site and wants to convert it into WordPress, we’re happy to do it for you. We can also easily convert it from WordPress theme template to just HTML / CSS template etc.
  • Content Migration to WordPress
    Avoid spending your own time copy-pasting — we can easily migrate the content to your new WordPress site or prepare the exports for content migration to another platform of your choice.
  • WordPress Support & Maintenance
    We provide also necessary client support as we know, you just might have some questions. Also we know that sometimes plugins or themes update can cause that your site does not work properly. And sometimes you need our help very quickly. For these purposes you can easily reach us on mobile phone or via Skype immediately.