Magento website development

Magento isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but luckily, you’ve come to the right place. OnlineandWeb has a bunch of skilled developers that can sort out all your Magento-related problems. From upgrading and migration services to creating the best digital experience for its clients, we provide everything you wish for. The best part? We can also handle all kinds of security issues that you may be facing in your website.

E-commerce business is quite difficult to handle and manage. A single entity can’t simply handle everything on its own. It needs the support of an equally compelling company that has the ability to take care of all the things at once. That is why we are here to help you in times of need.


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    The right amount of experience

    OnlineAndWeb is an e-commerce solution provider that designs and manages a business’s modern websites and eshops.

    We’re on a mission to help businesses go digital. Our passion for bringing amazing brands and give life to unique online projects and our commitment to eliminating the hurdles that stand between a good idea and success, have led us to an innovative, industry-disruptive solution: WaaS. Website as a Service, which include UX, copywriting, web design services, development, secured web hosting, web analytics and necessary online marketing support to make sure our clients succeed in the online business.

    But we can also just develop the e-commerce site, if you send us the design in any supported format.

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    The skilled team of professionals

    Magento, mobile apps, Hybris, PimCore, and whatnot. You just have to tell what you have in mind and we will be ready to deliver. No matter what kind of intricate designs you have in mind, our professionals will provide the best possible outcome. Even if you need some changes to your website or want a specific theme on your website, we can do that as well. Just say the word and your job will get done in no time.

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    Available 24/7

    We know that our clients may have some queries and urgent issues that must be tackled immediately. That is why our support team always stays round the clock. So, whenever you need any help, our representative will be ready to be at your service.


  • Development and Design

Our Magento e-commerce websites will not only help in growing your business but also meet all the requirements of your customers as well. This is the kind of e-commerce business that OnlineandWeb comes up with.

  • Data Migration

Our Magento migration services are certainly unparalleled from all the services out there. With the help of our Magento services, you can move your data from one platform to a Magento platform in no time. You will be surprised to see how much smoother the transfer will be.

  • Upgrading of the store

The most important thing for staying competitive in today’s e-commerce world is to regularly upgrade your store. Our team of professionals keeps this in mind and will regularly upgrade your store. Keeping your store upgraded will improve the performance of your store, increase security, and add a lot of new and exciting features.

  • Maintenance & Support

With the help of our services of security patches, optimization of the user interface, and the maintenance of the entire website, we can boost the growth of your business and, at the same time, support it.

  • Integration of ERP and CRM

We don’t want to waste our client’s time and resources. That is why we integrate your e-commerce business with CRM and ERP. This not only helps in saving a huge amount of time but also enhances the efficiency of your business. Moreover, it also helps in reducing manual workflows.

  • Custom-made Extensions

Our developers can also extend the native features of Magento by incorporating custom-made extensions. We can come up with several tools and operations that will guarantee a smooth flow of your e-commerce business.