Development of Bots and Chatbots for Automation

A chatbot makes use of machine learning to pick up on conversational cadences, which in turn allows it to effectively mimic a human to human conversation and react to spoken or written requests to deliver a service. At OnlineAndWeb, we can help you build AI bots within a short period of time without having you getting bogged down in development complexities. We are also open to customization if you want the chatbot to be built using a specific technology. As we don’t just build bots, we solve the hard problems like personalization, flow, bot design, on-boarding, copy, improving retention and engagement. Our approach to building Bots & AI Systems is fundamentally different. We start small and focus on generating ROI as quickly as possible. Once ROI is achieved, we then scale your project and give you the tools to manage your bots.


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    Chatbots respond quickly and customers are delighted to receive an instantaneous response. Your customers are better engaged as an advanced intelligent bot can answer all their queries related to your products and services.

    Chatbots can easily capture key information and personalize conversations for your customers. Also chatbots will decrease the number of basic or advanced frequently asked questions sent to your customer center, as they can get the answer to the client instantly.

    You will need less people for customer care and your internal human resources can be focused on more important areas of your business.

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    Chatbots can guide your prospects in a personalized buying process and help them to select a suitable product, answer questions about the product, his availability etc. Chatbots can automatically adapt the conversation according to the collected information and re-engage your customers and prospects with segmented notifications. And what more chatbots instantly engage your audience on messaging apps on your site 24/7/365.

    So you will simply never ever loose a customers just because you did not reach them on time.

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    With chatbots you can easily handle new incoming traffic from new campaigns, peaks during Christmas or during the current season when you currently have a lack of people in your team or they are right now just too busy.

    Chatbot will save time of your people and will be available for every customer when they need it – simply it will be your first and only employee working in 24/7/365 regime.


    • Complete support from first idea up to chatbot development

We just take over the whole process of UX, flow, bot design, on-boarding, copy, improving retention and engagement and also the development.

    • Marketing & lead generation bots

Every company should have a marketing/lead generation chatbot. Currently, bots are generating very high open rates ranging from 50% to 90%, CTR ranging from 28% to 48% and increased sales.For e-commerce, we are seeing up to a 25% revenue lift when using bots to automate abandoned cart recoveries, abandoned appointments and up-selling.

    • Customer service chatbots

Companies are saving as much as 29% on customer service by deploying bots, according to McKinsey! BI Intelligence estimates that chatbots will equate to a $23 billion in savings from annual salaries. Additionally companies can automate 36% of sales representative positions, resulting in total annual estimated savings of at least $15 billion from salaries.

    • Internal bots & backend bots (B2E)

One of the most exciting use cases is backend bots. These are corporate bots designed to help automate tasks for employees. The ROI for internal B2E bots is astounding.