SEO, PPC and social media campaigns for local dental ambulance Dominodent

Our task for dentist client was to make website visible in search engines to maximize acquisition of new users and potential customers.

Dental ambulance is located near the city center of Žilina (Slovakia) , but no awareness of its dental services was increased until then.

We have worked with quite simple web template solution that was done already. Its main purpose was to introduce the chief dentist, his working background and experience, services description and pricing, contact details and availability to send the message via in-built contact form.

We have started witch search engine optimization (SEO), where proper keyword analysis was the first necessary step. We have selected the most frequently searched keywords related with dental services and filled with them text descriptions of all important pages such as homepage, services and also optimized titles and descriptions so all of the pages will give the customer as much important information inside of search engine result page as possible.

We have used keyword analysis for setting up PPC campaigns in Google Adwords. Grouping keywords into semantically related units followed right after and the backbone of the campaign account was ready. We have been optimizing the campaign from the very start, added new relevant keywords to cover all potential opportunities related to dental ambulance inside of desired target location radius.

Whereas search engine PPC ads were covering customer´s final decision phase only we have decided to increase awareness of dental ambulance. This was the very important step for new-opened branch business strategy. We have brainstormed and prepared layout of campaign´s creative, wrote the copy so we could introduce the Dominodent dental ambulance to the new customers ads.

This Facebook campaign was divided into several segments according to user´s age + we have added remarketing campaign to address also users who visited the website in the past.

The purpose of segmentation was to evaluate the performance of each segment particularly and then to optimize Facebook campaigns according to their contribution and advertising spend.

Right after several weeks we were able to see website visits increasing severalfold and the synergy of both Google Adwords and Facebook PPC campaigns brought 80% of all website visits and dozens of them became real patients.

The client was satisfied with the results of the campaign.