Multi-language responsive website for the world-famous magician and entertainer

Damian Odess-Gillett came to us on the recommendation from our client, who we created a website. The goal was to create a new, more modern and more professional responsive web, which has a clear information structure to motivate users to convert.

The feeling from the web was also the important thing for our client, which should reflect the professionalism of the provided services, as the performances are oriented mainly to the business sector and companies (Christmas parties, celebrations, anniversaries etc.).

One of the client’s requirements was to use interactive videos and photos to best illustrate the performances and their atmosphere. We helped the client with both the selection of photos and their editing (it was necessary to create professional photos that were subsequently used in the opening section of the site).

For responsive purposes, we’ve also made suggestions for both mobile devices and tablet displays that have a slightly different structure. We also had to think about how to work, for example with an order form or displaying information in pop-ups.

For the client, we’ve also helped provide other activities beyond the usual cooperation. We helped him secure the access to the current domain, ensure that we redirected old URLs to the new ones, set up an email client, a domain basket, and fine-tuned the translation part of the order process. It also included setting up a basic web analytics that our client has never used before.

The result is a clean, functional web site with modern design in both Czech and English language versions, which works professionally, provides a clear description of the services offered, plenty of picture material and a very simple and customer-friendly process of ordering a service that has been simplified to the minimum necessary.