We provide our clients comprehensive services including UX, design, web and mobile deliveries of ICT and digital marketing solutions.


Bluesiotech – new brand and company website for blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry

  • Our client since: Jan 2022 - present

For the new technology company from cryptocurrency and blockchain industry we provided complete full-service support - we helped the founders to select the suitable company name and provide domain name regsitrations. We were also responsible for unified visual identity and we designed the whole new company's website structure. We provided also several versions of possible company logos and final version was used for the new website design. At the same time we created content for this new website in several language versions and

After these several phases, we then moved to the web development and we are currently working on this job.

of web development management from A to Z - we helped with everything from the very beginning so that the client did not have to worry about almost anything. Ours consisted of a complete business analysis for a client who decided to do business in the field of cryptocurrency mining for corporate clients. The client gave us full confidence and so we participated not only in determining the company name and subsequent registration of domain names in several language versions, but also part of the whole contract was to provide hosting services, prepare the initial design of the company website, responsive graphic design and content in 3 languages.

After these phases, we then moved smoothly to the development of the website we are currently working on.

Full website redesign for the local beauty salon with the e-shop platform –

  • Our client since: May 2021 - Aug 2022

We participated in the design of a new website structure and the coordination of a new graphic design for the beauty salon, we also designed the e-shop platform and blog for this client. – microsite supporting client’s new business cooperation

  • Our client since: Nov 2020 - present

In 1 month we designed and developed brand new microsite representing and supporting client’s new business cooperation with ECI Group. – full-service online marketing from brand new eshop

  • Our client since: Oct 2020 - Sep 2021

We supported the launch of the brand new eshop targeting Czech market with unique hand disinfection enriched with Aloe Vera. We ensured the addition of Stop Vir products to online marketplace platforms, we took care of launching digital campaigns, deploying web analytics and SEO. We also helped with the development of the sales team and individual business activities. – full-service online marketing and consultations for new eshop

  • Our client since: Sep 2020 - present

We initially started with the online trainings for the internal marketing team and their sales representative and Esthederm's clients. The cooperation soon resulted in regular consultations as Esthederm was redesigning their company websites for several countries. We provided the technical SEO, help with the defining of the website structure, keywords analysis and UX. – full-service online marketing (30% yearly revenue increase)

  • Our client since: Aug 2020 - Sep 2021

We joined - which represent one of the most famous Czech fashion brands with amazing story around. producing high-quality leather products all around the world. We provided complete full-service marketing covering mainly PPC, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, UX and website development. The initial cooperation evolved in the long-term business partnership. In 2020 during the difficult corona times we together increased the overall company revenue by more than 30%. – technical SEO audit, keywords analysis, UX consultations

  • Our client since: Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Veracomp is one of the largest IT distributors in CEE region.  As a value-added distributor (VAD), Veracomp offers wide range of services, including advanced logistics, business, technical and marketing support.  Our digital agency was initially brought on to provide team training for copywriting and SEO. These consultations leverage to complete technical audit and keyword research and strategy and webpage optimization. We also provided UX audit and consultations for their new company website and help to define the new website structure. – website redesign and creation of a promotional video for a leading executive search company in the Czech Republic

  • Our client since: Mar 2020 - present

For the company Recruit CZ, we prepared a redesign of the multilingual website and we also prepared an introductory, tailor-made promotional video. – creation of a new website for a barber shop and beauty salon

  • Our client since: Feb 2020 - present

For the leading barber shop and beauty salon in Prague we have prepared a responsive multilingual website with a clear and simple design.

SEO, content management and localization services for Unilever

  • Our client since: Aug 2019 - present

For the international company Unilever, which is one of the largest producers of food, body care and household products in the world, we have been providing content translations and creating new content optimised for search engines. – keyword analysis and SEO tech for a global vendor of heating and cooling technology

  • Our client since: Jul 2019 - present

For the Slovak branch of Daikin company we prepared a tech SEO analysis and detailed keywords analysis. Based on these outputs we also prepared a list of recommendations for content development and product parameters and product descriptions improvements leading to higher organic traffic and sales. – UX, social media marketing, consultations

  • Our client since: Feb 2019 - Sep 2019

We are behind the structure of the UX aspect of website development for a globas startup focused on smokers (cigarette papers) with a main purpose of increasing the conversion rate within B2B customers. Part of the deal has also been a set-up of basic web analytics and social media marketing for Facebook and Instagram. – new multi-language company website for accounting company

  • Our client since: Jan 2019 - present

For our new client we provided complete full-service solution including UX, web design, web development, copywriting and content management, testing, online marketing services (PPC and SEO). We also managed the translation website translation in English. – long-term content management and online marketing consultations

  • Our client since: Jan 2019 - Nov 2020

For the leading Czech e-commerce company we have been providing consultancy services in the field of content creation and management and projects focused on online marketing (SEO and PPC) for the leader of the Czech e-commerce. We are also involved in expansion to other foreign markets and translation management services.

O2 Media – UX, project management and content delivery for new corporate website

  • Our client since: Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

We provided long-term consultations, UX services, content management and project management services for company O2 Media (subsidiary company of O2, one of the biggest telecommunication operator in the Czech Republic) during their website redesign. – company website redesign for company from agriculture business

  • Our client since: Jun 2018 - Dec 2018

The aim was to redesign company website with new fresh and crispy design, which gives it better appeal to client's and implement user friendly CMS for easier content management and give their company new modern fresh look.

Multi-language responsive website for the world-famous magician and entertainer

  • Our client since: Apr 2018 - present

Damian Odess-Gillett came to us on the recommendation from our client, who we created a website. The goal was to create a new, more modern and more professional responsive web, which has a clear information structure to motivate users to convert. – front-end and back-end upgrade for local e-commerce site

  • Our client since: Apr 2018 - Dec 2018

For a small local e-shop using open source e-commerce platform PrestaShop we provided minor programming works to speed up the front-end and simplify the work with the web administration interface. Eshop is focusing on the sale of traditionally woven Mexican hammocks. – new company website (cryptohousing)

  • Our client since: Mar 2018 - present

For the Czech cryptohousing startup company we have provided complete full service consulting and execution including website design and development, content management, localization and SEO. The intention was to create an effective website structure and content model site reflecting SEO, which will meet the needs of selected target user groups, leading to acquiring new customers and increasing the conversion ratio. – online marketing consultancy for an e-shop with gardening and hobby supplies

  • Our client since: Feb 2018 - Aug 2018

For company Growman Plains s.r.o. we provided consulting services and workshops in the field of SEO, PPC, social networks and helped with UX, graphics and development of the client's main eshop

Sophisticated direct selling e-commerce solution for online water analysis and treatment company

  • Our client since: Nov 2017 - present

In its quest to become the best online water analysis and treatment platform in the Czech Republic, the company wanted to build a new digital e-commerce platform for customers from B2B and B2C sector. We had to prepare development strategy for this new online sales channel, which should served as fully end-to-end online solution. Clients should be able to order all products online, using various delivery options (branch visit, courier service, courier service with different pick up and delivery address). In less than a year after launch, the project generated an annual turnover of over CZK 10,000,000.

Webdesign and complete corporate identity for local Czech consulting marketing company

  • Our client since: Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

For a small dynamic local company Pochop Presentations, which focuses on creating presentations for corporate clients, we have created a graphical design of his new websites. The requirement was maximum simplicity and minimalist design.

SEO, PPC and social media campaigns for local dental ambulance Dominodent

  • Our client since: Jun 2017 - present

Our task for dentist client was to make website visible in search engines to maximize acquisition of new users and potential customers. – multilingual portal with useful free tools

  • Our client since: May 2017 - present

Custom made global project that runs on the Laravel open source PHP framework, which aims to provide useful tools for free. The project is currently running in 3 languages (EN, CZ, SK) and is planned to be translated into another 3 languages in the future. Our tools are used by over 300,000 unique users every month.

Responsive website for new franchise sport center in the Czech Republic and continual technical and marketing support

  • Our client since: Apr 2017 - present

For brand new sport center focusing on EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology we prepared whole new concept for their fitness centers. One of the tasks was to come up with the idea how to handle the online reservation process within the selected budget.

Implementation of new web analytics platform for leading Czech bank

  • Our client since: Jan 2017 - Feb 2019

During digital transformation of leading Czech banking institution Moneta Money Bank we took a part in the roll-out of new analytical platform for all major Moneta Money Bank websites. We were also responsible for digital analytics & tagging for websites in order to setup correct data collection.

Successful launch of PPC campaigns for B2B sector in 4 countries

  • Our client since: Apr 2016 - present

Successful launch of PPC campaigns for B2B sector in 4 countries for pharmaceutical department for global innovation company 3M.

Microsites for major energetic company – 1 month delivery

  • Our client since: Mar 2016 - present

Our task was to build several microsites supporting public relations and media activities of the company. Delivery time - 1 month. We had to prepare information architecture, including wireframes and graphic design. Main goal was to provide creative and fun graphics which will harmonise with the company CID (Corporate Identity Design).

From the outset, microsites were designed to be user-friendly on mobile phones or tablets. Responsive web design (RWD) was chosen for basic access. Secondary goal was to prepare user-friendly back-end solution which could be easily handled by the team of editors.

For all new websites was implemented also web analytics tools and setup basic reporting procedures.

New company website for – platform offering photography courses

  • Our client since: Sep 2015 - Nov 2016

For the project which providing and organizing courses for beginning photographers and professionals, we prepared a created whole new website structure and provided graphic designs and website development. We also provided whole audiovisual content for this website.

Redesign of multi-language company website for global HR company

  • Our client since: May 2015 - present

For one of the major Czech HR company we prepared redesign of the main company website. The client required to create a modern and efficient business website with responsive design and sophisticated "lead generation" concept. We have succeeded in creating a clear website presentation, within the given deadline.

Web analytics maintenance and support for global pharmaceutical company

  • Our client since: Apr 2014 - present

For global pharmaceutical company from Fortune 500 list we provided long-term web analytics support during migration process to Google Analytics 360. We provided the digital analytics consultancy and advisory role in the transition process for multiple international online teams through the whole company and provided maintenance of 150+ websites and mobile apps. We were also responsible for digital analytics & tagging for websites in order to setup correct data collection.

Providing content marketing support for e-commerce project

  • Our client since: May 2012 - Aug 2012

For the agency we provided SEO and content marketing and prepared content for all maing categories and products of their e-shop.

Content for PC games covers for Czech distributor

  • Our client since: Mar 2012 - present

For the well-known Czech company Špidla Data Processing, s.r.o., which is dedicated to the development and sale of computer games, we have been helping for several years with the design of packaging and the preparation of content for individual PC games. – content marketing for the brand new eshop with RC models

  • Our client since: Jan 2012 - Jan 2012

For the new launched eshop with remote controlled models - we created a comprehensive dictionary of terms for fans and customers of RC models (containing hundreads of pages) and provided content and administrative support for the whole eshop.

End-to-end development of mobile application for global company

  • Our client since: Mar 2011 - present

For global tech and software company Accenture we were developing mobile app. The primary objective was to design a concept that will allow easy consolidation of multiple types of information from several different areas and allow easy viewing and sharing among users.

Texting minisites, creating articles about modern vacuum cleaners for

  • Our client since: Mar 2011 - Jan 2011

For the largest domestic e-shop with robotic vacuum cleaners, we provided content for individual microsites and product pages. We also participated in the preparation of articles for the online media publication.

Content support for the new company website

  • Our client since: Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

For the outdoor advertising agency we prepared the whole text content and provided managing of other audiovisual content for the new company website. We also created PR articles for the media and newsletters and we provided continuous support with the defining of web structure and redesign of the new website.

Outsourcing of remote web development team for software company

  • Our client since: Jun 2010 - Feb 2011

We provided on site UX specialists and team of programmers for continual upgrade of complex accounting software used for extracting structured data from PDF invoices. Our UX team designed the new interface and suggested several improvements which lead to better user experience. We were also participating in the development part of this solution based on .NET technology.

We developed for the same client also cloud based email marketing automation platform and built several modules for their email marketing service.

Local and global PPC campaign management and SEO for leading accounting firm

  • Our client since: Apr 2010 - present

For medium-sized Czech accounting company we provided long-term support in PPC and SEO area (5+ years of cooperation). At the beginning we started with managing small PPC campaigns with very limited budget and doing on-site and off-site SEO optimization in the Czech market and continually bringing in the new clients. The company client base started to grow very quickly thanks to our online activities. In 2015 the company tried to expand its services in the 3 foreign markets (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) where we also successfully launched several PPC campaigns for new client acquisition.

Concept of the lead generation website for leading Czech financial institution

  • Our client since: Feb 2010 - May 2012

One of the lead financial institution has decided to significantly enhance their online activities for financial services (loans, mortgages) and decided to create whole new company website, which will also serve as the main lead generation channel. The intention was to create a product-oriented responsive corporate website reflecting SEO and having with effective navigational structure, which will meet the needs of selected target user groups, leading to acquiring new customers and increasing the conversion ratio.

These steps aimed to accommodate users' needs to a greater extent, and provide higher efficiency of the web with respect to meeting the commercial goals of the company. At the same time, this was to be closely linked with a good impression made on the visitors using the site. We delivered the new website with regard to all of clients' requirements and functionalities and we managed to meet the new website launch deadline.

Various content marketing campaigns and microsites for e-shop

  • Our client since: Jan 2010 - Dec 2012

For one of the biggest online retailer selling contact lenses we prepared regularly PR articles for online media and text content for product minisites as an additional online channel for their main eshop We wrote articles about complications associated with laser surgery, eye diseases, and basic complications connected with contact lenses.