How to Fix Virtual Background in Zoom?


Zoom is an online communication platform that currently has millions of users around the world. Many excellent features can be found on this application, such as HD video, high-quality audio, and more. More than 100 people can collaborate with each other simultaneously. However, there is one feature that is a favorite of many users: the…

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How to Boost your YouTube Viewership (Almost) for Free


There are many ways that you can leverage YouTube and techniques to help you attract more views to your videos for free. Are you aware of them? In a previous post, we focused on the benefits of optimizing headlines, descriptions, tags, and keywords. Today, we will have a look at other, more visual ways, you can…

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How to Attract Millions of YouTube Views for Free!


As with Google, YouTube allows you to promote your videos in two ways. The first option will only cost you a little time, as it requires zero budget. The second option is, naturally, to allocate some resources into ads. Today, we will focus on a few steps that can boost your video views without spending…

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Why Mobile Apps Are Must For Your Small Business


Thinking about building an app for your business? Now is the right time to do it. As mobile and other hand-held device consumption increases, business owners have realized the marketing potential of mobile apps. According to the statistics provided by Kristian Rivera, a digital marketing specialist at Fit Small Business – Fewer than 25% of…

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