CASE STUDIES – technical SEO audit, keywords analysis, UX consultations

  • Our client since: Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Veracomp is one of the largest IT distributors in CEE region.  As a value-added distributor (VAD), Veracomp offers wide range of services, including advanced logistics, business, technical and marketing support.  Our digital agency was initially brought on to provide team training for copywriting and SEO. These consultations leverage to complete technical audit and keyword research and strategy and webpage optimization. We also provided UX audit and consultations for their new company website and help to define the new website structure.

O2 Media – UX, project management and content delivery for new corporate website

  • Our client since: Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

We provided long-term consultations, UX services, content management and project management services for company O2 Media (subsidiary company of O2, one of the biggest telecommunication operator in the Czech Republic) during their website redesign.

End-to-end development of mobile application for global company

  • Our client since: Mar 2011 - present

For global tech and software company Accenture we were developing mobile app. The primary objective was to design a concept that will allow easy consolidation of multiple types of information from several different areas and allow easy viewing and sharing among users.