CASE STUDIES – new multi-language company website for accounting company

  • Our client since: Jan 2019 - present

For our new client we provided complete full-service solution including UX, web design, web development, copywriting and content management, testing, online marketing services (PPC and SEO). We also managed the translation website translation in English.

Implementation of new web analytics platform for leading Czech bank

  • Our client since: Jan 2017 - Feb 2019

During digital transformation of leading Czech banking institution Moneta Money Bank we took a part in the roll-out of new analytical platform for all major Moneta Money Bank websites. We were also responsible for digital analytics & tagging for websites in order to setup correct data collection.

Outsourcing of remote web development team for software company

  • Our client since: Jun 2010 - Feb 2011

We provided on site UX specialists and team of programmers for continual upgrade of complex accounting software used for extracting structured data from PDF invoices. Our UX team designed the new interface and suggested several improvements which lead to better user experience. We were also participating in the development part of this solution based on .NET technology.

We developed for the same client also cloud based email marketing automation platform and built several modules for their email marketing service.

Local and global PPC campaign management and SEO for leading accounting firm

  • Our client since: Apr 2010 - present

For medium-sized Czech accounting company we provided long-term support in PPC and SEO area (5+ years of cooperation). At the beginning we started with managing small PPC campaigns with very limited budget and doing on-site and off-site SEO optimization in the Czech market and continually bringing in the new clients. The company client base started to grow very quickly thanks to our online activities. In 2015 the company tried to expand its services in the 3 foreign markets (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) where we also successfully launched several PPC campaigns for new client acquisition.

Concept of the lead generation website for leading Czech financial institution

  • Our client since: Feb 2010 - May 2012

One of the lead financial institution has decided to significantly enhance their online activities for financial services (loans, mortgages) and decided to create whole new company website, which will also serve as the main lead generation channel. The intention was to create a product-oriented responsive corporate website reflecting SEO and having with effective navigational structure, which will meet the needs of selected target user groups, leading to acquiring new customers and increasing the conversion ratio.

These steps aimed to accommodate users' needs to a greater extent, and provide higher efficiency of the web with respect to meeting the commercial goals of the company. At the same time, this was to be closely linked with a good impression made on the visitors using the site. We delivered the new website with regard to all of clients' requirements and functionalities and we managed to meet the new website launch deadline.