CASE STUDIES – full-service online marketing from brand new eshop

  • Our client since: Oct 2020 - present

We supported the launch of the brand new eshop targeting Czech market with unique hand disinfection enriched with Aloe Vera. We ensured the addition of Stop Vir products to online marketplace platforms, we took care of launching digital campaigns, deploying web analytics and SEO. We also helped with the development of the sales team and individual business activities. – full-service online marketing and consultations for new eshop

  • Our client since: Sep 2020 - present

We initially started with the online trainings for the internal marketing team and their sales representative and Esthederm's clients. The cooperation soon resulted in regular consultations as Esthederm was redesigning their company websites for several countries. We provided the technical SEO, help with the defining of the website structure, keywords analysis and UX. – full-service online marketing (30% yearly revenue increase)

  • Our client since: Aug 2020 - present

We joined - which represent one of the most famous Czech fashion brands with amazing story around. producing high-quality leather products all around the world. We provided complete full-service marketing covering mainly PPC, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, UX and website development. The initial cooperation evolved in the long-term business partnership. In 2020 during the difficult corona times we together increased the overall company revenue by more than 30%.

SEO, content management and localization services for Unilever

  • Our client since: Aug 2019 - present

For the international company Unilever, which is one of the largest producers of food, body care and household products in the world, we have been providing content translations and creating new content optimised for search engines. – keyword analysis and SEO tech for a global vendor of heating and cooling technology

  • Our client since: Jul 2019 - present

For the Slovak branch of Daikin company we prepared a tech SEO analysis and detailed keywords analysis. Based on these outputs we also prepared a list of recommendations for content development and product parameters and product descriptions improvements leading to higher organic traffic and sales. – long-term content management and online marketing consultations

  • Our client since: Jan 2019 - Nov 2020

For the leading Czech e-commerce company we have been providing consultancy services in the field of content creation and management and projects focused on online marketing (SEO and PPC) for the leader of the Czech e-commerce. We are also involved in expansion to other foreign markets and translation management services. – online marketing consultancy for an e-shop with gardening and hobby supplies

  • Our client since: Feb 2018 - Aug 2018

For company Growman Plains s.r.o. we provided consulting services and workshops in the field of SEO, PPC, social networks and helped with UX, graphics and development of the client's main eshop

Providing content marketing support for e-commerce project

  • Our client since: May 2012 - Aug 2012

For the agency we provided SEO and content marketing and prepared content for all maing categories and products of their e-shop. – content marketing for the brand new eshop with RC models

  • Our client since: Jan 2012 - Jan 2012

For the new launched eshop with remote controlled models - we created a comprehensive dictionary of terms for fans and customers of RC models (containing hundreads of pages) and provided content and administrative support for the whole eshop.

Texting minisites, creating articles about modern vacuum cleaners for

  • Our client since: Mar 2011 - Jan 2011

For the largest domestic e-shop with robotic vacuum cleaners, we provided content for individual microsites and product pages. We also participated in the preparation of articles for the online media publication.