How to Boost your YouTube Viewership (Almost) for Free


There are many ways that you can leverage YouTube and techniques to help you attract more views to your videos for free. Are you aware of them?

In a previous post, we focused on the benefits of optimizing headlines, descriptions, tags, and keywords. Today, we will have a look at other, more visual ways, you can ensure an impressive viewership on YouTube.

Make Your YouTube Channel Look Fancy

Nowadays, good packaging is essential to effective marketing and first impressions can make all the difference in the world. Once you upload a video to YouTube, you can choose from three randomly selected preview images, but unfortunately of not so great quality. They are usually quite blurry and unsuitable for the message you want to send across to your audience. In case you own a verified YouTube account (confirm it here), you can select and customize your own preview image which can effectively translate into more views.

Select the video with the image you want to change and click on Edit.

And then select „Custom Thumbnail“.

If you belong to the YouTube Partners, you have access to many cool features that can enable you to customize your channel in a way that it reflects your brand´s perso­nality, values, and style. Make sure to upload your profile picture and a cover photo so that you can stand out in the crowd.

Create Shorter Videos

Now the question is, what should be the average length of your videos in order to attract views and maintain your audience´s at­tention? The unwritten rule is – use just enough time to convey your message. As you can see in the chart below, most brands, across different industries, choose to upload videos that are shorter than 3 minutes (up to 77,3%)!

Vine, Instagram, and mobile videos – 6 to 15 seconds long

You can create even shorter videos with platforms like Vine or Instagram. They enable you to upload 6-second and 15-second long videos, respectively. These are ideal for sharing via smartphones – another opportunity worth considering to generate attention to your brand. Simply uploading a very short video on YouTube could also do the job.

Hop on the Wave of Virality

As you probably know, many brands have made their own version of the viral hit Harlem Shake, like GoogleIntelFacebook, and us. Keep up with trends by monitoring what others are uploading onto their channels. For example, Socialbakers Analytics enables you to view your videos alongside videos created by your competition, ranked by Engagement Rate, Likes/Dislikes Ratio, number of comments, total time viewed, and views.

It´s in your hands

Don’t just sit there and wait for traffic. Make the most out of other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog or website to promote your video and to create the buzz you need in order to make the video viral. It´s up to you to get things moving.

Here are some helpful tips from Michael Dubin:

  • Have fun. If you’re having fun, the viewers will have fun.
  • Get right to the point.
  • Talk about things related to the core business.
  • Tell a business story in a comedic way.
  • Have a reason for being, for your video existing.
  • Be unexpected. People are expecting one thing, but the unexpected is what makes comedy great.
  • The line between art and marketing/adver­tising is now very blurry. There are lots of talented professionals that can help build a concept for success.
  • Luck is always a part of it.tra
Michal Krčmář
Michal Krčmář
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