1. No project is too small or big for us

    We work closely with our customers to determine their needs, scope and objectives to plan and design a perfect “tailor made” solution for projects. No matter what size your budget is, we will be able find solution and possible options. Our long term partnership with other web developers teams also allows us to bring in more additional resource if the client need them very urgently. Together with our competitive prices for custom development services we can easily serve smaller local clients and also big global companies.

  2. 360 Degree Solutions

    Right from ideation to delivery, we will assist you in every step of developing your web application. We specialize in both frontend and backend web development and provide also additional support (content management, web analytics settings, website maintenance, webhosting services).

  3. Agile & Adaptive

    As our clients change, we change too. Whether the requirements change or the approach, we quickly reinvent ourselves in accordance with our client‘s requirements to deliver maximum benefit to them.

  4. Broad expertise

    Our team is trained and qualified in a variety of web app development platforms and can handle many different programming languages and frameworks. Complementing this, is our in-depth knowledge of various browsers and devices that helps us to provide you impeccable service and solutions for basically every client. Our deep knowledge of web development process also help us to speed up the programming works or optimize the development time and costs.

  5. Maintenance and Support

    Our web & mobile development company provide you with bug fixes & maintenance of your website and render post-delivery technical support. We will always be here to do your support and provide changes or updates.


    Whether you need to develop a software product, to maintain, support and develop an existing software system, or require testing services, we are the right partner. Getting all of the above at a very competitive man day rate (typically half of the usual rate in Europe) will surely help your organisation to be even more competitive in your market space.



End-to-end solution:

  • Company websites
  • Eshop / E-commerce solutions
  • Web portals
  • ERP/CRM app
  • Chat-bot app
  • Web app
  • Mobile app
  • Finance App
  • Software for government
  • Video Streaming App
  • Tracking app

Custom application development by platform

  • Custom .NET Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Custom Laravel Development
  • Custom Yii Development
  • Custom Zend Development
  • Custom Magento Development
  • Custom Node. JS Development
  • Custom Java Development
  • Custom Angular JS Development
  • Custom Ruby on Rails Development
  • Custom IOS App Development
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Custom application development by solution

  • Custom ERP Development
  • Custom CRM Development
  • Custoim EDM Development
  • Custom BPM Development
  • Custom eCommerce Development
  • Custom Media Streaming Development
  • Custom Social Communities Development
  • Custom eLearning Development
  • Custom SAAS Development
  • Custom Mobile Development

Additional services provided:

  • We can incorporate secured payments gateways through Paypal, Stripe etc.
  • Web or applicationfast and secure hosting to host your finished website. In fact, most of the websites in our portfolio are hosted with us right now.
  • Other support like domain registration, domain portfolio maintenance or consulting, website maintenance, content management etc.

References for this service

Redesign of multi-language company website for global HR company
Microsites for major energetic company - 1 month delivery